Worship Flags

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Polysilk is a polyester fabric with a flow similar to silk. It is an excellent choice for flags. It has a satiny sheen and comes in vibrant colors. The Polysilk flags come with stained and finished wood rods that are sewn into the flag casing. Wood grain symbolizes the tree: "(Jesus) bore our sins in his own body on the tree." 1 Pet 2:24. Spot Washable.
Tissue Lame
Tissue Lame is a shining metallic, lightweight fabric that is outstanding as a flag. This fabric provides the ideal symbolism for metals recorded in the Bible: Metallic Amber, Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Iron. Other Royal colors are included in the selection. Sewn-in rods are wood and are either stained or painted in metallic colors. Fabric not washable.
100% Silk Hand-Dyed
No fabric fully compares to silk for use in flags. Silk is known as the undisputed Queen of Fibers. It is a natural fiber whose life process has been said to represent Christ's redemptive act - the silkworm must die for the fabric to be born. Silk has a unique rippling flow. Wood rods are painted or stained and sewn into the casing. Spot washable.
100% Silk Solid Color
The same basic fabric as hand-dyed silk, but it is one color without variation. Silk comes in a measure of weight called momme(mm). The best weights for worship flags are 5mm and 8mm, sometimes 10mm, the higher number being the heavier weight. These Solid Silk fabrics are 8mm, the popular weight for flags. Spot washable.
100% Silk-Shaped Long
These shaped flags are made with 8mm silk and have a long cut with a long rod. Wood rods are stained or painted to match the fabric, and are sewn into the casing. Pieces of fabric that could have been silk were first tied to tall poles and used in battle thousands of years ago. They are considered the beginning of our present day flags. Spot washable.
Arsenal Set
The arsenal set of flags contains twelve of the most used colors in worship. Included is a free laminated color chart that explains the symbolic meaning for each color. This set is a great way to introduce worship with flags. It is a good tool for teaching color meanings and basic flag movements. Rods are included. Spot washable. Excellent quality.
Worship Team Flags Tissue Lame
Worship Team flags at a discount. Order groups of six or ten and choose from fifteen colors, all one color or a mixture of colors.
Worship Team Flags Polysilk
Worship Team Flags at a discount. Order groups of six or ten and choose from fifteen colors, all one color or a mixture of colors.