Small/Med Flag Bag
This durable, padded bag holds at least twelve small to medium flags.
Large Flag Bag
This bag holds our M/Lg and XLg worship flags. It is well-constructed.
Telescoping Rod 8ft
Telescoping fiberglass rods for use with our large Praise Banners.
Worship With Flags
Praise and Worship with Flags, gives biblically sound reasons why church leaders may want to include worship flags in church services. It tells the curious and intellectual mind the purpose, meaning, significance, and result of using worship flags.
Heavenly Impact Book
The Heavenly Impact book will give readers a Biblical foundation for the use of symbolic tools of praise, worship and intercession. Topics covered are: Flags, Billows, Mat-teh', Shofars, Streamers, Tabrets and Veils.
Heavenly Impact Teacher's Manual
This is the Teacher's Manual to accompany the Heavenly Impact book and Student Workbook. Tools covered: Flags, Billows, Mat-teh', Shofar, Streamers, Tabrets and Veils.
Heavenly Impact Student Workbook
The Student Workbooks for teams and individuals who are using the Heavenly Impact book and Teacher's Manual.
Symbolic Praise, Worship & Intercession DVD
A teaching/demonstration dvd that aids the student in learning the worship tools: Flags, Tabrets, Streamers and Veils.
Symbolic Praise, Worship & Intercession DVD Vol. 2
A volume 2 teaching/demonstration dvd that adds Shofars, Mat-teh, Prayer Shawls, and Threshing Floor Prayer Mats to the learning experience.
Processionals, Props & Pageantry Book
Praise, Worship, & Flag Dances DVD
Flag Kit 7pc
Do-it-yourself wood parts for making two rectangular flags.
Flag Kit 19pc
Do-it-yourself wood parts for making six rectangular flags.
Color Symbolism Chart
Laminated two-sided card that offers symbolic meanings for 33 colors universally used in worship flags, streamers, shields, veils, etc.
Children's Color Charts
Laminated two-sided cards that offer symbolic meanings for 18 colors most often used in worship.
Gift Certificates
The perfect gift to give expressive worshipers, dancers, flag bearers.
Tambourine Ribbons eBook
A foundational teaching, tradition, and instruction booklet for applying ribbons to the tambourine.
Streamers in the Desert eBook
A method to choreograph streamers or rhythmic ribbons. Great for teams that need to stay in sync.