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Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet
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45" x 55" Flex Rod
32" x 40" Soft Rod


Sweet Violet

Scripture tells us how all of creation speaks about God (Ps.19:1-4; Rom.1:19,20) We can see some of his characteristics in the Sweet Violet, for which this purple silk is named. The definition for the color violet is: "a bluish purple like that of certain violets" (the flowering plant.)

Violets have a sweet aromatic fragrance that is used in high quality perfumes and potpourris. It can symbolize the sweet fragrance of Christ and of worship that is pleasing to God (Eph.5:1). The violet has a down-turned head and subtle beauty. It symbolizes humility, sweetness, and innocence; the attributes of Christ. (Phil.2:3-8; Is.53:2b) Violets are used in medicines to treat throat irritation, coughs, and respiratory illnesses. Its flowers and leaves are edible and are used as garnishes in beverages, salads, breads, cakes, etc. It contains vitamins A and C, and is considered a healthful plant. It can symbolize health and wholeness, what God gives to those who come to him. (Jn.6:48-51; Mt.4:24; 1Cor.12:7,9)

Hand dyed 5mm silk 35" X 50" flag with soft rod.  Price shown is for one flag.  If you want a pair, choose two.

Allow 3-8 weeks for shipping. 

From our In His Garden collection.