Company Info

Company Info

Our flag business began in the year 2001 with constructing and selling a simple selection of rectangular flags.  We've continued to grow and add more fabrics, colors, styles, accessories, new products, and most importantly, workers. Our purpose is to equip the Christian Church, dance teams, and individuals with beautiful and serviceable instruments of worship.

Collectively, our workers are skilled with years of experience in tailoring, woodworking, fine arts, and expressive worship.  Our work is truly an art.  Dyeing silk, for example, is a fiber art known as "surface design." When we dye a flag and it doesn't meet our standard, it is dyed again.  We are artists who are not satisfied until pleased with their finished work. That may explain why sometimes our flags can take a long time to ship.  Of course, we strive to fill orders quickly; but we never want to compromise beauty and quality.

Having been involved in expressive worship, we believe we understand what flag bearers, praise dancers, and expressive worshipers need for their ministries; and we are able to produce professionally constructed, high quality worship instruments to meet the need.  

Stress points on flags are reinforced. Worship Flag casings are stiffened with interfacing so that the flag moves freely around the rod without becoming entangled or slipping down. Embellishments on flags and shields are securely attached, often by hand stitching. Wood parts are sanded smooth and finished with non-toxic paints, stains, and varnishes - very important for children's flags. Care is given to each item to make sure the finished product is the best it can be; and each instrument is inspected and stress-tested before shipping.  

We're so glad you found us; and we look forward with joy to serving you.  God bless.