Company Info

Company Info

Hello. Our flag business (under another name) began in the year 2001 with constructing and selling a simple selection of rectangular flags.  We've continued to grow and add more fabrics, colors, accessories, new products, and most importantly, gifted and dedicated workers. Our purpose is to equip the Christian Church, dance teams, and individuals with beautiful and meaningful, long-lasting instruments of worship.

Collectively, our workers are skilled with many years of experience in sewing, woodworking, fine arts, prophetic and expressive worship.  When the Lord calls people to do a work, they often find that they have been trained and equipped all along with the skills needed. This has been our experience.

Dyeing silk is an art known as "surface design." The dyeing process for one set of flags can take up to two days.  It's a slow process that our artists do with prayer and reflection on the symbolism of the flags.  Some flag designs need two or three dye sessions to complete.  This explains why sometimes our flags can take a long time to ship.  We aim to fill orders quickly but not compromise excellence and purpose.

Stress points on all flags are reinforced. We use a unique process for making flags with wood rods so that the flag will move freely around the rod. We have created our own soft rods for the new flexible flag style.  Hand stitching is still done on many items to give them more durability.  Wood parts are sanded smooth and finished with non-toxic paints, stains, and varnishes - very important for children's flags.  Each product is inspected, stress-tested, and approved before shipping.  

We've been joyfully serving our great customers (and they have really been terrific) for going on 19 years, and hope for many more.  Thanks so much for visiting.  In God's grace.