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The Artisan Anointing Worship Ring

The Artisan Anointing Worship Ring
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The Artisan Anointing - Worship Ring

SOLD OUT.  NO MORE AVAILABLE.  The creative spirit of artists, artisans, and craftsmen is the Spirit of God (Scriptures below).  The Spirit fills them with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skill for making everything that God commands to be made. He calls those he anoints to do the work and to teach others the same skills. Bezaleel, Aholiab, and other skilled craftsmen worked from the blueprint God gave Moses for worship. His Holy Spirit is the Anointing. 

The Artisan Anointing worship ring has all of the spectrum colors of an artist's palette. Gold color cross embroidery is attached by hand stitching. Padded 8" diameter wood ring with hand dyed silk wrap and streamers.  Overall size is approximately 8" X 39" long (Thumbnail picture shows a dancer holding a silk fire ring about the same size.)  Included is a complementary Artist's color chart that gives the Biblical meanings for the 7 colors in the ring as well as 28 other colors used in worship.  Only one available. WILL SHIP WITHIN A DAY. 

" See, I have called by name Bezaleel . . . of the tribe of Judah, and have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge . . . to devise artistic work." "and he has put in his heart to teach, he and Aholiab . . . of the tribe of Dan." (Ex 31:2-4a; 35:34 DBY)

"He hath filled them with wisdom of heart to do every work, of engraver, and designer, and embroiderer (in blue, and in purple, in scarlet, and in linen), and weaver . . . and of designers of designs." (Ex 35:35 YLT)