CHEM: Urea

CHEM:  Urea
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This is an especially nice synthesized urea. Its small, smooth granules dissolve easily in warm water. Urea is a humectant, a moistening or diluting agent. It helps keep fabric moist as you are working on a project; and it helps prevent dyed fabric from drying out while it is curing. Reactive dyes must be kept moist for a reaction to take place. Urea, in small amounts, increases the solubility of Reactive Dyes so that the dye powder dissolves more thoroughly. Measurements are generally 1-1/2 tsp per 1/2 cup dye water for tie dye.  

Although urea is not considered a safety hazard, it may be slightly irritating to skin; and as a powder it can be hazardous if inhaled. When exposed to airborne urea powder, make sure to wear a particulate respirator.