BOOK: Tie-Dye

BOOK:  Tie-Dye
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Tie-Dye Book

Terrific, 160 page instructional book for dyeing natural fabrics using Fiber Reactive Dyes.  The dyeing method is perfect for dyeing flags, streamers, veils, and any silk worship instruments.  The author focuses on dyeing silk and cotton garment pieces (silk scarves, cotton socks, cotton t-shirts, silk dresses, shirts, etc.); and household items (towels, blankets, tote bag, etc.)  You might enjoy dyeing these items too; but most, if not all, of the dye patterns and techniques she demonstrates will work for silk worship instruments.

This book has lots and lots of great information. The fiber artist begins with a short, interesting history of the art of dyeing, then moves into teaching how to set up a work station, tools, supplies, and understanding the dyes. She explains color theory in a simple way and gives visual samples that will help the dyer choose colors. She walks through the dyeing process and gives lots of dye pattern illustrations to choose from. At the end, she shares 22 step-by-step projects that explain a variety of techniques to use to achieve unique effects with the dyes. There are many, many helpful and inspiring pictures throughout the book.