This page displays products that are good quality but might have minor blemishes. Some items can be new or in perfect condition. All prices have been reduced. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping unless stated otherwise. If you need your items sooner just email us at the time you place your order. 

Red & Gold Dyed Streamer
SOFT ROD FLAG - Large 36" X 50".
Red Dyed Streamer
Variegated red with some white.
Praise Tunic Purple
READY TO SHIP - Worship Top
Lamb of God
READY TO SHIP. Silk Streamer
Liturgical Dance Pant
READY TO SHIP - Worship Pant
Puff Sleeve White Leotard
READY TO SHIP - Worship Leotard
Sea Of Galilee Flags
SOLD OUT - Hand dyed in Galilee.
Scoop Neck Leotard
READY TO SHIP - Worship Leotard
Liturgical Dance Dress
READY TO SHIP - White Dress
River of Delights
SOLD OUT - Pure Silk
Lace Overdress
READY TO SHIP - Hand Painted
Sky Blue & White
Mary Blue Veil
READY TO SHIP - 100% Sheer Silk
Spice Mountains
15% DISCOUNT - Soft Rod Flag