Children's Color Charts

Children's Color Charts
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Snail Chart $4.50
Frog Chart $4.50
Fish Chart $4.50
Bird Chart $4.50
Butterfly Chart $4.50
All Five Charts $20.00


These color charts have symbolism for 18 colors (front & back) in simple language for children. They are suitable for any age (even some adults like them.) Each card measures 6"X 9", small enough to fit into most standard size Bibles. Included with each card is a separate Scriptures and References sheet that gives the appropriate Scriptures for the colors. Choose from a selection of five designs from God's creation. The Scripture reference (Rom 1:19,20) points to the fact that everything God has created tells us about Him (including colors.) The color information on each chart is exactly the same, only the designs are different. The charts may be purchased individually or as a set.