Semi-circle Flags
Polysilk is a polyester fabric with a flow similar to silk. It is an excellent choice for flags. It has a satiny sheen and comes in vibrant colors. Each flag comes with a wood rod that slips into the casing and can be removed to wash the flag. Wood grain symbolizes the tree: "(Jesus) bore our sins in his own body on the tree." 1Pet 2:24.
Tissue Lame
Tissue Lame is a shining metallic, almost weightless fabric that is outstanding as a flag. The colors are ideal for symbolizing Biblical metals: Amber, Gold, Silver, Brass, Bronze, Copper, and Iron. Other royal colors are included in the selection. Each flag comes with a removable wood rod. Fabric is not washable.
Iridescent Angel Wings
The iridescent fabric is a sparkling, translucent polyester that gives a heavenly impression. Each flag has a wood rod that slips into the casing and can be removed. Seven colors to choose from. "Mounted on a mighty angel, he sped swiftly to my aid with wings of wind." Psalm 18:10 TLB
100% Silk Hand-Dyed
No fabric can fully compare to silk for use in flags. Silk is known as the undisputed Queen of Fibers. It is a natural fiber whose life process has been noted to represent Christ's redemptive act - the silkworm must die for the fabric to be born. Silk has a unique rippling flow and rich sheen.
100% Silk Solid Color
This is the same basic fabric as Hand-dyed Silk, but it is one color overall without variation. Silk comes in weights called mommes (mm). The best weights for worship flags are 5mm, 8mm, and sometimes 10mm, the higher number being the heavier weight. These Solid Silk semi-circles are all a lightweight 8mm.