Return Policy


All sales are final.  We have a no returns policy because our products are custom made and hand made; and they take many hours of labor.  For example: The worship flags are measured and cut from bolts of fabric one at a time. Interfacings are measured and cut from another bolt of fabric for each flag.  Each flag is then interfaced and sewn (30-60 minutes per flag.) The rods are cut from wood dowels; handles and beads are drilled if needed then stained or painted, sanded, and varnished two coats.  The rods are measured to fit each flag, then cut.  Flags are put onto the rods, caps are glued in place and left to dry. The finished flags are pressed and hung overnight.  A set of ten large flags can take 2 workers 2 full workdays to complete.  If the flags are made from hand dyed silk, it requires another full work day to dye and process enough silk to make 2-3 large flags.  

If you have questions about your order, please contact us using our contact page, and we will be happy to respond.

Damaged Merchandise:  Orders are inspected in our workshop before they are shipped and we use sturdy boxes that are filled and taped securely. If you do happen to receive an order that's been damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately for instructions that will help your order to be restored to you quickly. We generally insure all orders shipped through USPS Priority Mail.  (First Class International Package shipping doesn't allow for insurance.)      

Defective Rods: Rarely, a rod might be defective.  If you experience a rod that breaks with normal use within the first few weeks, call us for a free replacement.