Praise Banners
100% Silk Hand-Dyed
No fabric fully compares to silk for use in flags. Silk is known as the Queen of Fibers. It is a natural fiber whose life process has been noted to represent Christ's redemptive act - the silkworm must die for the fabric to be born. Silk has a unique soft, rippling flow and rich sheen. The dyeing method is a two-day process. Eight-foot telescoping rods are used with these flags. Hand washable.
100% Silk Solid Color
This is the same basic fabric as Hand-dyed Silk; but it is one color overall without variation. Silk comes in measurements of weights called mommes(mm). The best weights for worship flags are 5mm and 8mm, sometimes 10mm, the higher number being the heavier weight. These Solid Silk fabrics are all 8mm, a good weight for large flags. Hand washable.
100% Silk Hand-Painted
All of our hand painted praise banners are designed and created by our friends at Waves of Glory Flags, owner Michele Vela.